Saskatchewan Government proclaims February as Therapeutic Recreation Awareness month for the fifth consecutive year!

See the news release here. 

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During this month, we will be leaning on the theme, “Unified Profession, Unified Voice” with our national partners, the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA) and provincial TR associations. 

The joint TR Awareness Month Campaign celebrates and advocates for the positive impact TR Professionals have on communities through recreation and leisure opportunities.

TR Month resources and initiatives include, national TR Month Award submissions and voting, workshops, webinars, posters, brochures, learning tools and much more! Check out the full TR Month 2024 “menu” here.


Since 1996, we have been celebrating February as Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Month in Saskatchewan, alongside our national partner, the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA).

Across Canada and Saskatchewan, recreation professionals will be celebrated for the positive impact that they have on our communities by enhancing the well-being and quality of life for so many.

Celebrate TR Awareness Month by sharing CTRA’s TR Awareness Month Campaign Creative online and on YOUR socials and be sure to mention @SaskRecProf and @CTRA.ACLT on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using our trending hashtag #UnifiedTR2024.

2024 TR Month Resources:

  • Check out CTRA’s “TR Month 2024” Menu here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Month” E-Brochure here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Awareness Month Presentation” PowerPoint here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Month Self-Care” Bingo Card here 


  • Download CTRA’s “What is the APIED Process” Poster here 
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Overview” Poster here
  • Download CTRA’s “Cognitive Domain” Poster here 
  • Download CTRA’s “Social Domain” Poster here
  • Download CTRA’s “Physical Domain” Poster here 
  • Download CTRA’s “Emotional/Spiritual Domain” Poster here

Extra Resources:

  • Download CTRA’s “We Are Essential” Video here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Month Email” Signature here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Month Email” Signature French here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Family Feud” PowerPoint here
  • Download CTRA’s “TR Month True or False” Quiz here
  • Download CTRA’s “Consent to Interview, Photograph and Release of Information” Form here

If you need a different file, please contact our Communications Coordinator here.

Have any questions about how you can participate in TR Awareness Month? Send us an email here. We would love to assist where we can!

The profession provides a meaningful contribution to individuals in Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole, and continues to improve the quality of life through:

A Philosophical Position—
Therapeutic Recreation is a profession which recognizes leisure, recreation and play as integral components of quality of life. Service is provided to individuals who have physical, mental, social or emotional limitations which impact their ability to engage in meaningful leisure experiences. Therapeutic Recreation is directed toward functional interventions, leisure education and participation opportunities. These processes support the goal of assisting the individual to maximize the independence in leisure, optimal health and the highest possible quality of life.


Recreation Therapy—
A profession which involves the assessment of a client’s strengths, needs, interests, medical condition, social history, legal status and/or ethnic values/needs; the development of an intervention plan to meet the goals and objectives identified in the assessment; the implementation of an intervention plan and an evaluation to determine whether a client’s goals and objectives were met. The above mentioned roles of recreation therapy are completed with the end purpose to improve the quality of life of each individual client. (Shank & Coyle, 2002)

S.A.R.P. Partnered Webinar - Integrating Plants & Nature Into Your Therapeutic Approach

Presented by Alexis Ashworth from Root in Nature.

This session explores the profound health benefits of connecting with plants and nature through therapeutic horticulture. Delving into evidence-based research highlighting its stress-reducing, cardiovascular-supporting, mental health-preserving, vitamin D-boosting and social bonding impacts.

The session also addresses how it nurtures a sense of purpose and promotes positive coping strategies. Learn about the practice of therapeutic horticulture, how to incorporate it as a therapeutic modality and discover the training and resources available for recreational therapists.

🗓️ Thursday, February 15
⏰ 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
🔗 Register here!

CTRA's National Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month Awards


Important Dates:

🗓️ Friday, January 26 to Friday, February 9 – TR Month Award Submissions OPEN
🗓️ Tuesday, February 13 to Friday, February 23 – TR Month Award Voting OPENS
🗓️ Thursday, February 29 – Award Winners ANNOUNCED

Nominations will be open from Friday, January 26 to Friday, February 9, 2024.

Submissions must include:

  • Nomination name
  • Nominee name
  • Nominee province
  • Nominee email
  • 250 words or less description of how the nominee demonstrates the qualities of the award

You may submit as many individual nominations as you wish. It’s important to note that those nominated in multiple categories may only win in one category.

🔗 Submit a nomination here!


The Chameleon (ATRA)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional is able to adapt to any challenge thrown at them. Their versatility, flexibility, innovation, resilience, adaptability, and creativity, gives them the ability to meet the diverse needs of their clients. This person demonstrates an ability to use various techniques, technologies, and resources to meet the ever changing individual needs of those they support. This person is able to turn on a dime, and make decisions on the fly. The “Chameleon” is the professional you love having on your team, because you know they have the ability to face challenges head on with their versatility.


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Consistent demonstration of adaptive techniques that create positive outcomes for clients
  • Demonstrates resilience in the face of adversity and barriers experienced by clients
  • Demonstrates responsiveness to change, and embraces opportunities change may bring

Life of the Party (BCTRA)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional gives no doubt in your mind that they are “The Life of the Party”. This award is for the professional who exudes fun, joy and a positive energy in all that they do. Their infectious enthusiasm brings their clients and colleagues from the sidelines to the dance floor. They may be known for their wild holiday sweaters, or their ability to always bring a smile to someone’s face. They can turn any situation into an opportunity for joy, laughter, excitement, and connection.


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Demonstrates consistent ability to bring warmth into any room they enter
  • Demonstrates a “can do” attitude and positive energy
  • Nominator has worked with nominee for at least 6 months

The Cheerleader (TRO)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional is their team’s biggest fan. They embody a unique combination of positivity, encouragement, and camaraderie that keeps the team going through thick or thin. Through gestures small or large, this person boosts their team’s energy and passion. The “Cheerleader” never shies away from sharing and celebrating the successes of those around them, whether it’s a client or a team member. This person may not walk around with pom-poms (or they might), but you know they are someone that you can count on to rally the team together.


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Actions have impacted their team in a positive way
  • Demonstrated ability to instill confidence and “get-er-done” attitude in their team
  • Nominator has worked with nominee for at least 6 months

Master of Minions (NLTRA)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional is the Yoda to Luke. They are the Mr. Miagi to the karate kid. This individual is committed to mentoring, supporting, and molding the next generation of TR professionals. Whether it is in the classroom, or through fieldwork supervision, this person is willing to challenge students to think critically, and to put theory into practice. The “Master of Minions” has helped students grow both professionally and personally, and has given students an opportunity to build from their foundation of learning.


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Has supervised a minimum of 5 student fieldwork/internship placements
  • Open to CTRS or Diploma fieldwork supervisors
  • Demonstrates consistent commitment to the growth of future TR professionals
  • Demonstrates quality fieldwork placements
  • Nominator has either been supervised by nominee, or has worked with nominee for at least 6 months

Practice What You Preach (NSTRA)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional is not the type to “do as I say, not what I do.” They prioritize their leisure and recreation and lean on the benefits of recreation to support their own social, physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotional well-being.  This person is willing to say “no” to things that drain their cup, and “yes” to things that will fill it. They are not afraid to lean into past interests, or explore new ones. This profesional will scream the benefits of leisure and recreation from a mountaintop, but they will also make sure they reap those benefits too.


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Demonstrates consistent healthy leisure and recreation choices
  • Demonstrates an ability to use leisure and recreation to support the domains of wellness for themselves

Above and Beyond (S.A.R.P.)

This Therapeutic Recreation professional significantly exceeds expectations and rises above the call of duty. This individual displays resourcefulness, inspires others with their actions, and is dedicated to seeing the therapeutic recreation field move forward. They embody a unique combination of creativity,

perseverance, and cooperative spirit to transform perceived barriers into opportunities. When things get tough, this person takes the bull by the horns and goes for it!


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Demonstrates independent initiative and cooperative teamwork
  • Actions have had a positive impact on clients and/or team
  • Actions reflect investment of time into forwarding the profession

Jack or Jill of All Trades (NB CTRA Chapter)

This versatile Therapeutic Recreation professional is a true maestro of diverse recreation! They are the “artist”, the “musician”, the “chef”, the “ athlete”, the “card shark”, the “handy-person”, the “tech specialist”, the “team confidante”, the “shoulder-to-cry-on”, and more! If they see a need for a recreation activity skill or team support skill, they are jumping head first into learning! They seamlessly wear multiple hats, all with the confidence and enthusiasm like Oprah Winfrey giving away a car! From scheduling to troubleshooting, note-taking to decorating, and leading with charisma, they embody the essence of a “Jack/Jill of All Trades.” This person surprises you with their toolbelt of skills, and you feel like they are an asset in every outing, meeting and intervention!


  • Active member of provincial and/or national TR association
  • Demonstrates valued skills in multiple areas
  • Demonstrates investment of time into continued education (from CEU approved education to learning how to play cribbage on youtube!)
  • Nominator has worked with nominee for at least 6 months



Thank you for your continued dedication to our profession and elevating excellence daily!

We encourage you to share your celebrations and participation in this month’s events by using #UnifiedTR24

Featured Therapeutic Recreation Professionals Making a Positive Impact in Their Communities

Mikaylee Dreger - Brytewater Senior Living of Capital Crossing's Resident Engagement Manager

Courtney Lavalley - SOFIA House's Children's Program Coordinator

Samantha Frey - College Park II Retirement Residence's Recreation Therapist