S.A.R.P. is excited to be boasting a state-of-the-art webinar platform making education from the comfort of your home easy and accessible! Below you will find our webinar recordings to watch at your disposal.

Integrating Plants and Nature into Your Therapeutic Approach with Alexis Ashworth

Prioritization of Play with Whitney Blaisdell

Exploring Our Superpowers as Recreation Professionals with Lara Schroeder

It's Time to Bounce Back: Reclaiming Control, Building Resilience with Crystal Watson, CTRS, PhD (c)

Social Media Essentials Workshop with Sarah March

A Dog's Social Purpose with Megan Jones

Do Waivers Work with Aron Bookman

S.A.R.P.'s Code of Ethics Update

What Have We Learned About Dance and Social Inclusion from People Living with Dementia with Rachel Bar and Rachel Herron

Advocating for Therapeutic Recreation with Dr. Rebecca Genoe

Popping the Bubble Wrap: Making Space for Risky Play with Dr. Mariana Brussoni

Risk Management: Managing Facility and Activity Risk with Aron Bookman

Enhancing Belonging Through Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Practice with Darla Fortune

We believe in fostering professional development in our membership through education opportunities. Do you have any topics that you would like touched upon in a webinar?