Therapeutic Recreation Month

We are excited to share with you that February 2024 has been proclaimed Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month for the SEVENTH consecutive year by our provincial government.

We would like to thank the Government of Saskatchewan’s Minister of Health, Hon. Everett Hindley.

During the month, we’ll be leaning on the theme, “Unified Profession, Unified Voice” with our national partners, the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA) and provincial TR associations.

The joint TR Month Campaign celebrates and advocates the positive impact TR Professionals have on communities through recreation and leisure opportunities. 

In conjunction with CTRA, we’ll be participating in CTRA’s National Therapeutic Recreation Month Awards where seven awards will be awarded to Therapeutic Recreation Professionals across the country.

See more on CTRA’s National TR Month Awards here.

Check out the 2024 TR Month Campaign, resources and how you can get involved here.

See the news release here.

See the proclamation form here.

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