Upcoming Webinar: It’s Time to Bounce Back: Reclaiming Control, Building Resilience!

We’re hosting a TR-focused webinar with CTRA featuring Crystal Watson, ctrs, PhD(c) and you’re invited! 🖥️
After nearly two years, Recreation Therapy Professionals (RTP) continue to face the impacts of working through a pandemic. As demands stack they continue to give of themselves to their clients, shifting to respond to changes and provide alternatives. Now more than ever, RTPs need to pause, reflect, and re-acquaint themselves with strategies to help them manage these mounting expectations and centre their own health and well-being. This session will emphasize the importance of participants’ prioritizing themselves as they work to support others.
1️⃣ To define the concept of resilience and its applicability to a RTP’s practice.
2️⃣ To understand the negative impacts of burnout on individual and physical and mental health
3️⃣ Through provided examples, identify three strategies to build personal resilience to combat stressors.
✨ Topic: It’s Time to Bounce Back: Reclaiming Control, Building Resilience!
✨ Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022
✨ Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
✨ Link: Register here!
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