Shelley Thoen-Chaykoski

Honorary Life Membership Award since 2018

Member since 1980
Started in the Recreation field in 1980

Kelsey Institute (now Sask Polytechnic Saskatoon)
Community Development for Practitioners
Non-Profit Lifecycle Assessment Consultant

Work and Experience
Currently self-employed: TC Consulting
Director of Leisure Services in Foam Lake from 1980 to 2013
Commercial/Retail Greenhouse and Tree Nursery from 1987 to 2007
Research Officer for the Government of Saskatchewan, within the Department of Culture & Youth – 1980
Director of Provincial 4-H Summer Intermediate Camp Program – 1977 & 1978

Notable Boards, Committee, and Membership & Awards
Saskatchewan Games Committee for the Yorkton/Melville Games
Recreation Technology Program Advisory Committee
Parkland Regional Recreation Association and later Parkland Valley for Sport, Culture and Recreation District
Saskatchewan Recreation Facility Association
Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals
Saskatchewan In Motion Provincial Advisory Committee

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Award of Merit – 2002
Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Award of Merit – 2003
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association President’s Award – 2013