2021 Award Recipients

Annually, the Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals (S.A.R.P.) recognizes dedicated leaders in the recreation industry that are members in good standing with the Association.

We are excited to announce the well-deserving award recipients of 2021!

Honorary Life Award - Lyle Campbell

LyleThe Honorary Life Award is given to an individual who has been a member of S.A.R.P. for a minimum of 10 years, has provided valuable services and outstanding contributions towards the aims and objectives of the Association and who has contributed toward the promotion and furtherance of recreation in Saskatchewan or Canada. This is S.A.R.P.’s most prestigious award.

The successful recipient of the 2021 Honorary Life Award is Lyle Campbell!

Lyle was nominated by Helen Meekins and Crystal Clarke.
Lyle Campbell has been a member of S.A.R.P. since 1986. He has played an active role on the S.A.R.P. Board of Directors, sat on varying committees over his 35 years as a member and was previously the chair of the John Austin Foundation Committee.

Lyle is the Executive Director for the Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation and has been in this role since 2008. He prides himself on hiring staff who can represent the sector in a professional manner and support communities’ staff and volunteers. Lyle has always encouraged his staff to become members of S.A.R.P. and participate in the organization at all levels. This has supported S.A.R.P on the Board, Committee, Adjudication, Advisory, and Senate level.

Lyle can always be called upon to support and provide input on advocacy for the sector. He has sat as an adjudicator for provincial funding and was heavily involved with the amalgamation process of the Regional Recreation Associations and Zone Sports Councils. This was through the Building Better Communities initiative which has created what we now know as Lakeland District and the 6 other Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts in the province. He was a Board member of the North East Recreation and Parks Association or NERPA, has sat on Health Promotions Task committees and has been a strong advocate for the benefits of recreation at the local and provincial level.

Lyle is a leader in the sector. The legacy he passes on is the mentorship and support to the many new staff he has worked with, mentored and managed over the years. The Lakeland District Board of Directors provides a network of new Recreation Professionals who have the opportunity to learn from Lyle and become better prepared for the future seats they hold at advanced levels. Lyle has a vast network through the Recreation, Sport and Cultural sectors and to many he is seen as a man who thinks about all situations and handles them in the most effective and diligent manner. 
Congratulations Lyle!

Award of Merit — Jody Hauta

JodyThe Award of Merit Award is given to an individual who has been in the recreation field for a minimum of 5 years, who has been recognized for their entire body of work, who has made a contribution of an extraordinary nature at the municipal, regional, provincial or national level over a number of years and who has made contributions that leave a lasting impact for future professionals.

The successful recipient of the 2021 Award of Merit is Jody Hauta!

Jody was nominated by Darcy McLeod and Chelsea Corrigan.

Jody is a graduate of the SIAST Kelsey Campus Recreation Technology Program. He has worked in many areas of recreation, including working at a Waskesiu Youth Centre for a summer, and at the Courtyard Fitness Centre. Now, for over 30 years, he has been working in the Municipal Recreation field and has worked in many towns and cities such as Leader, Yorkton, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.

Since 2016, Jody has been employed with the City of Saskatoon as the Recreation Facilities and Programs Manager. Jody has always demonstrated unwavering commitment to the corporation. He works tirelessly at improving the quality of life for Saskatoon residents, expanding the field of recreation, always supporting his staff and always displaying the upmost professionalism in his role.

Jody’s colleagues say it’s a privilege having him on their team. They value his day to day dedication and the contributions he puts toward the team, as well as his willingness and ability to look forward to a brighter future for recreation in Saskatoon and in the province. Jody has a way of always finding the positive in every situation that crosses his desk. That is a trait that most people wish to achieve.

Jody’s passion is recreation. He and his team provide opportunities to improve an individual’s quality of life. The end result is that people are having fun with their friends and family, enjoying the facilities and programming opportunities that they offer. Jody enjoys seeing people participate in the programs and services that they provide. He strongly believes in the benefits of recreation and is proud of the fact that the work they do provides opportunities for people to experience these benefits.

Congratulations Jody!

Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award — Chelsey Johnson

ChelseyWe have 2 recipients for the 2021 Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award. This award is given to a Professional or Associate member who has been in the recreation field for less than 10 years and who has made contributions that are consistent with S.A.R.P.’s values.

The first successful recipient of the 2021 Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award is Chelsey Johnson!

Chelsey was nominated by Clint McConnell and Darren Spelay.

All the stereotypes of a small town Saskatchewan kid are 100% accurate when it comes to Chelsey. She is relaxed and, at the same time, understands the benefit of working hard. Chelsey is courteous, kind and, at the same time, knows when she has to dig in to ensure things run smoothly. Chelsey is organized and, at the same time, very deliberate.

Chelsey has both a recreation diploma from, the then, SIAST Campus in Saskatoon as well as a Sports and Recreation degree from the University of Regina. After completing her post-secondary studies, Chelsey worked for the Town of Canora as their Director of Leisure Services. During that time, it became evident that Chelsey knew how to connect with the community and became a significant part in their community. Some of Chelsey’s successes in Canora include overseeing a significant renovation at the Curling Rink and coordinating a cultural event titled “Connecting Canora’s Colours” where the different cultures living in Canora were highlighted and celebrated.

In October 2015, Chelsey took on the position of Community Consultant with the Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District. During this time, Chelsey’s superb organization and communication skills have been front and center. Chelsey is able to quickly access the needs of the communities she is working with and provides them with the support they need to succeed. Whether it is setting up a workshop, facilitating a Grants Writing session or connecting a community member to a much needed resource, Chelsey does it all in a professional manner and with an obvious willingness to help.

When the pandemic hit, Chelsey was able to shift gears and continue to connect and educate communities. Some of these successes included creating an online workshop series related to Recreation Board Development. She also connected local recreation practitioners to health officials so they could better understand COVID and the regulations that were constantly changing. Regardless of the work, Chelsey is playing a necessary role in the field of recreation.

Chelsey brings a positive attitude to her work and is always a team player. From working with recreation boards to a mission staff member at the Saskatchewan Games, her ability to connect with people and recreation professionals at a grassroots level is an asset to the recreation sector.

Congratulations Chelsey!

Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award — Vanessa Atkins

The second successful recipient of the 2021 Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award is Vanessa Atkins!

Vanessa was nominated by Rob Boulding and Lyle Campbell.

Vanessa graduated with a Recreation and Tourism Management Diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2013. After graduation, she started the first two years of her career with the Town of Allan as their first Recreation Director until May 2015.
Vanessa is furthering the recreation industry and making an impact locally with the Town of Rosthern, in her role as the Recreation and Community Development Manager. Vanessa is also making a contribution regionally as part of the Lakeland District, provincially with her links to the Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association and now nationally, as she has recently been invited to sit on a focus group with the Canadian Parks & Recreation Association.

Vanessa has many admirable qualities, but her determination to make things happen and the way she challenges people to think outside the box are the ones that shine through. She goes above and beyond the scope of her job duties…just to make things a little bit better each time. She has secured many grants to operate programs as well as funding for traffic safety crossings. However, most recently, a capital grant of $1.2 million to rehabilitate the skating rink ice surface and roof has been secured. That’s what determination is all about!

As a new professional, Vanessa has demonstrated strong leadership and has been committed to professional development and ongoing training by participating in numerous conferences and webinars. She is becoming a leader as other practitioners seek her input, knowledge and support. When the Town of Waldheim was in the initial stages of establishing a new position, it was Vanessa who received one of the early calls from Waldheim, looking for information.

Recreation professionals are making distinct and significant contributions during the challenging times of this pandemic. These efforts will have lasting and long-term positive impacts on their communities. Vanessa is one of the leaders in this movement that has affected positive change in her community. She has a very bright future in the sport, culture and recreation industry. The experience she has gained and the skills she has developed these last 9 years is very evident as she becomes a leader in municipal recreation.

Congratulations, Vanessa!

Student Leadership Award — Danielle Rathgeber

DanielleThe Student Leadership Award is given to a student who possesses a high average over their past academic year, who demonstrates leadership amongst their peers, who volunteers in extracurricular activities and who demonstrates professional development in the recreation field and in our association.

The successful recipient of the 2021 Student Leadership Award is Danielle Rathgeber!

Danielle was nominated by Linda Martin and Anne Robins.

Danielle is an outstanding student in every way imaginable. She has maintained a high academic standing in the Therapeutic Recreation program, she is a leader, a mentor to others and role model for all. She is very personable, has very strong leadership skills, demonstrates strong advocacy skills, is very organized and communicates very effectively. Danielle is someone who over the past two years in the program, has been seen as a leader even when she was not in an official leadership role. Her classmates seek her out for leadership, advice or just a friend to talk with.

Danielle, although very organized, is also very adaptable and flexible and while on her last two practicums over the past year, was able to quickly adapt to virtual practical experiences, programming, and work. Her supervisor’s have commented on her outstanding work, her leadership ability, her maturity, adaptability, and in all cases, commented on her knowledge, skills, and ability to fully function as a Recreation Therapist prior to even graduating.

Danielle is very self-directed; she takes initiative and completes tasks with accuracy and efficiency. She goes above and beyond what is expected of a student in the program, and looks for opportunities to lead, learn, experience, work, and volunteer above what the program requires. She is very passionate about working in Therapeutic Recreation and providing recreation therapy services to people with a disability or illness.

Danielle’s volunteer experience includes the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA) the Saskatchewan/Manitoba Chapter, Village of Stonebridge, Crossmount Centre and different programs in her hometown of Melville, Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Danielle!

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