Annually, the Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals (S.A.R.P.) recognizes dedicated leaders in the recreation industry, that are members in good-standing with the Association.

We are excited to announce the well-deserving award recipients of 2020 who received their awards through Zoom Bomb and in-person surprises.

Honorary Life Award - Lorne Lasuita

The Honorary Life Award is given to an individual who has been a member of S.A.R.P. for a minimum of 10 years, has provided valuable services and outstanding contributions towards the aims and objectives of the Association and who has contributed toward the promotion and furtherance of recreation in Saskatchewan or Canada.

The successful recipient of the 2020 Honorary Life Award is Lorne Lasuita!

Lorne was nominated by Rory Park and Stephanie Cuddington.

Lorne graduated with a Recreation Technology diploma in 1971 and quickly purchased his first membership to S.A.R.P. in October of 1972. He’s been a member ever since! He served as the Recreation and Parks Director in Humboldt from 1971 to 1975. In 1976, he began working for the Government of Saskatchewan as a regional recreation consultant. In 1988, he stepped into the role of Provincial Games Consultant where his primary role has been to provide consulting services to each Host Society as it stages the Games, from initial planning to execution. In 2006, responsibilities for the Saskatchewan Games were transferred from government to the newly-formed Saskatchewan Games Council, where Lorne held his position until his retirement in 2019.

Lorne played a key role in 50 multi-sport games! All the way from the Saskatchewan Games to the Olympics, where in Athens 2004 he served as Administration Officer on Team Canada’s Mission Staff.

When setting his retirement date, Lorne was quoted as saying “I have treated my position as someone who is living the dream, providing an opportunity for our province’s young athletes to participate in a multi-sport games. The smiles, excitement and experiences of competing bring life-long memories that have always made my job very gratifying and rewarding.”

S.A.R.P.’s values are the benefits of recreation, education & lifelong learning, mentorship, inclusion and partnerships. Lorne Lasuita exudes those same values. Congratulations Lorne!

Outstanding Recreation Professional Award — Clint McConnell

The Outstanding Recreation Professional Award is given to a Professional member who has been in the recreation field for a minimum of 10 years and is currently a member in good standing. They have been recognized for their outstanding contribution in the field of recreation and leisure and have made contributions that are consistent with S.A.R.P.’s values.

The successful recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Recreation Professional Award is Clint McConnell!

Clint was nominated by Joaleen Unger and Shelley Thoen-Chaykoski.

Clint began his adventures in recreation and leisure back in the 90’s. After graduating from SIAST, Clint’s first job was in Whitewood as their Recreation Director. From Whitewood, he moved on to the City of Moose Jaw Aquatics for a few months before moving on to a bigger role in the field with the non-profit organization called the Saskatchewan Recreation Facility Association. He and a colleague were tasked with the development of a Provincial Recreation Facility Directory…….all done through faxes, snail mail and phone calls.

Clint later became the Director of Recreation and Leisure Services for the Town of Wynyard. He was in charge of facility management and programming for the community. While working in Wynyard, he expanded his resume by joining regional and provincial committees and boards. He also continued lifelong learning by attending annual events for recreation practitioners. Congratulations Clint!

Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award — Sigourney Anderson

The Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award is given to a Professional or Associate member who has been in the recreation field for less than 10 years and who has made contributions that are consistent with S.A.R.P.’s values.

The successful recipient of the 2020 Up & Coming Recreation Professional Award is Sigourney Anderson!

Sigourney was nominated by Clint McConnell and Rob Boulding.

Sigourney moved to Wynyard in February 2016 with an intent of gaining experience and expanding her horizons in the recreation field. She has made a very positive impact on the community these last 5 years. Some of her highlights include overseeing the construction of a new arena, purchase and renovation of the Cornerstone Arts and Culture Centre, a Founding member of the Rec Risers Fundraising Group, updating standard operating procedures for various facilities and so much more. In addition to overseeing projects and managing the recreation delivery system in Wynyard, Sigourney is also committed to lifelong learning and has successfully completed many courses to ensure she is keeping up to date on trends and operating systems. Congratulations Sigourney!

Award of Merit Award — Siobhan Gormley

The Award of Merit Award is given to an individual who has been in the recreation field for a minimum of 5 years, who has been recognized for their entire body of work, who has made a contribution of an extraordinary nature at the municipal, regional, provincial or national level over a number of years and who has made contributions that leave a lasting impact for future professionals.

The successful recipient of the 2020 Award of Merit Award is Siobhan Gormley!

Siobhan was nominated by Kerry Bailey and Erin Poitras.

In the Battlefords, the name Siobhan Gormley is synonymous with recreation. She has worked and volunteered in the sport, culture and recreation sector for a number of years. Siobhan has been a ski instructor in three provinces, responsible for fitness programming at the Moose Jaw YWCA and most recently, has spent the last 11 years with the City of North Battleford in a variety of positions.

Siobhan has a long history with the Saskatchewan Games program, being a skiing athlete in the 1974 and 1978 winter games and as well being involved in the bid to bring the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games to the Battlefords. Not only did she have a role through her work, but she also put in additional hours as a volunteer and was the torch bearer.

Siobhan attends the Recreation Programmers meetings held throughout the province to connect with peers, network and share challenges and solutions. She has the ability to work with diverse populations and uses empathy and a good sense of humor in her interactions. She has a passion for physical activity and commitment to her community. Congratulations Siobhan!

Student Leadership Award — Alicia Dorwart

The Student Leadership Award is given to a student who possesses a high average over their past academic year, who demonstrates leadership amongst their peers, who volunteers in extracurricular activities and who demonstrates professional development in the recreation field and in our association.

The successful recipient of the 2020 Student Leadership Award is Alicia Dorwart!

Alicia was nominated by Douglas Cripps and Rebecca Genoe.

Alicia is a highly experienced 4th year Kin and Health Studies student specializing in Sport & Recreation Management at the U of R. Her commitment to learning and leadership shines through in everything she does. Her peers often turn to her for guidance and advice. We have seen Alicia not only pull from her own experiences of working within the field, but she brought her peers within the fold and built their confidence in moments of uncertainty. We have seen Alicia grow in her leadership roles and we strongly expect that she will be a respected leader in years to come. Alicia is certainly an excellent student ambassador who represents the University of Regina’s motto “As One Who Serves”. Congratulations Alicia!

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