Saskatchewan Government proclaims February as Therapeutic Recreation Awareness month for the fourth consecutive year!

See the news release here.

See the proclamation form here.

During this month, we will be raising awareness of the role TR Professionals play in healthcare, specifically:

  1. The value they provide in the recovery process and overall improved wellness of the people they serve,
  2. The broad spectrum of jobs and areas they can be found working in AND
  3. The importance of education for TR Professionals in helping provide safe quality services to the people they serve.

We will be sharing short videos of Saskatchewan TR “Superheroes” and their stories of working in healthcare throughout the month.

If you are a TR Professional working in the healthcare sector, we encourage you to reach out to us here and ask for more details on how you can get involved in this on-going campaign and share your story!


Since 1996, we have been celebrating February as Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Month in Saskatchewan, alongside our national partner, the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA).

The profession provides a meaningful contribution to individuals in Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole, and continues to improve the quality of life through:

A Philosophical Position — 
Therapeutic Recreation is a profession which recognizes leisure, recreation and play as integral components of quality of life. Service is provided to individuals who have physical, mental, social or emotional limitations which impact their ability to engage in meaningful leisure experiences. Therapeutic Recreation is directed toward functional interventions, leisure education and participation opportunities. These processes support the goal of assisting the individual to maximize the independence in leisure, optimal health and the highest possible quality of life.


Recreation Therapy —
A profession which involves the assessment of a client’s strengths, needs, interests, medical condition, social history, legal status and/or ethnic values/needs; the development of an intervention plan to meet the goals and objectives identified in the assessment; the implementation of an intervention plan and an evaluation to determine whether a client’s goals and objectives were met. The above mentioned roles of recreation therapy are completed with the end purpose to improve the quality of life of each individual client. (Shank & Coyle, 2002)

Across Saskatchewan, recreation professionals will be celebrated for the positive impact that they have on our province through their passion, dedication, commitment and hard work.

Celebrate TR Awareness Month by sharing  S.A.R.P.’s TR Awareness Month Campaign Creative online and on YOUR socials and be sure to mention @SaskRecProf on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using our trending hashtags #BestDruginHealthCare and #RecreationTherapy:

  • Download the TR Awareness Poster for print here
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If you need a different file, please contact our Communications Coordinator here.

Have any questions about how you can participate in TR Awareness Month? Send us an email here. We would love to assist where we can!


Are you a TR Professional working in the healthcare sector? We encourage you to get involved in our TR Awareness Campaign and share your own story through video with us!

Steps to get involved —
Create a 30-second video on your phone in portrait mode and answer the following questions:

  1. Your name
  2. Your job title
  3. Your workplace
  4. The value you provide to the healthcare system by using the following statements in your story:
    • …what I love about working in the healthcare system is…
    • …the value I provide in the recovery process is…
    • …is how I improve the wellness of the people I serve.

Send it to us here and we’ll edit the video clip and share it on our social media accounts!

Here’s an example —
Watch S.A.R.P.’s Executive Director, TJ Biemans demonstrate the guidelines mentioned above when creating your video:


TR Superhero 2.0 — Francis Cashin

TR Superhero 2.0 — Donna Boser-Kelly

TR Superhero 2.0 — Kristen Freistadt

TR Superhero — Jaime Smith-Windsor

TR Superhero — Anne Robins

TR Superhero — Donna Boser-Kelly

TR Superhero — Francis Cashin

TR Superhero — Kelsey Luedtke

TR Superhero — Dr. Rebecca Genoe

TR Superhero — Shaylene Leibl-Smith

TR Superhero — Chantelle Erdman

TR Superhero — Kathy Park