S.A.R.P.’s PPS Committee Final Report

S.A.R.P. is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Pathway to Professional Status (PPS) ad-hoc committee’s two-year operations and is pleased to share with its members that the PPS Report has been finalized.

S.A.R.P.’s Board of Directors has now started the ad-hoc Membership Committee based on the PPS Committee Report and is eager to share these findings with membership as it looks forward to pursuing recommendations made from the PPS Committee, bringing changes to the S.A.R.P. landscape in the coming months.

The PPS Report will now live on S.A.R.P.’s website under the “Who is S.A.R.P.” which can be found under the “About Us” Menu tab. 

Find the final PPS Report here. 

Questions? Please contact the office here.

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