Therapeutic Recreation Month

Since 1996, we have been celebrating February as Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Month in Saskatchewan, alongside our national partner, the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA).

The profession provides a meaningful contribution to individuals in Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole, and continues to improve the quality of life through:

A Philosophical Position — 
Therapeutic Recreation is a profession which recognizes leisure, recreation and play as integral components of quality of life. Service is provided to individuals who have physical, mental, social or emotional limitations which impact their ability to engage in meaningful leisure experiences. Therapeutic Recreation is directed toward functional interventions, leisure education and participation opportunities. These processes support the goal of assisting the individual to maximize the independence in leisure, optimal health and the highest possible quality of life.


Recreation Therapy —
A profession which involves the assessment of a client’s strengths, needs, interests, medical condition, social history, legal status and/or ethnic values/ needs; the development of an intervention plan to meet the goals and objectives identified in the assessment; the implementation of an intervention plan and an evaluation to determine whether a client’s goals and objectives were met. The above mentioned roles of recreation therapy are completed with the end purpose to improve the quality of life of each individual client. (Shank & Coyle, 2002)