Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher is a dedicated professional with a background in kinesiology. Born and raised in Prince Albert, he embarked on a journey of academic and athletic achievement at the University of Saskatchewan, where he was a valuable member of the track and field team. In 2017, Eric earned his degree in kinesiology.

For the past 8 years, Eric has been making a positive impact on his community through his work in recreation with the City of Saskatoon. Currently serving as a recreation programmer at leisure centers in Saskatoon, he continues to inspire and engage individuals in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle.Beyond his professional endeavors, Eric’s passion for woodworking reflects his creativity and craftsmanship. He’s also a strong advocate for staying active and leading an active lifestyle, a value he shares with his daughter, with whom he loves spending quality time. Eric Fisher is not just a career professional but a well-rounded individual dedicated to improving the lives of those around him.